[U-Boot-Users] Optimized U-boot : Optimization of UCC and TFTP codes of UBOOT

KUMAR GOPALPET-B05799 Sandeep.Kumar at freescale.com
Tue Nov 21 07:10:52 CET 2006

hello all,
                I am currently trying to optimize the Ethernet driver
initialization code and the Tftp code of the U-boot so that it can fit
into the I2CPROM of the 8321 LCDB board whose PROM size is 32 KB, but
out of which only 18 KB is available for the code. 
The main aim of this project is to be able to provide support for
booting up for those boards whose flash memory has gone bad or boards
not having any flash.
The code which will be present on the PROM will have the first stage
boot up code, which will initialize the board. The second part of the
part does Ethernet initialization and provide support for Tftp so that
the board will be able to download the images to the RAM and then start
booting up from RAM. 
The main problem in implementing this feature is the size of the PROM
that is available to us. The Ethernet initialization code (UCC) needs to
do bare initialization of the Ethernet and does not implement any
complex functionalities. The only functions that are required are the
(1) TX event (2) RX event (3) Error Control and (4)CRC.
The Tftp code (present in the net directory of the U-Boot) then should
support a simple file transfer protocol implemented in a minimal
The Ethernet initialization code and the Tftp code size should not be
more than 18 KB. 
Can anyone suggest me a method like how to go on with the optimization
of the codes or is there any other way of implementing this feature.
Sandeep Gopalpet 
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