[U-Boot-Users] Optimized U-boot : Optimization of UCC and TFTP codes of UBOOT

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Nov 21 11:27:55 CET 2006

In message <1034141BCEB1424784F14A38BD006D82165BCB at zin33exm22.fsl.freescale.net> you wrote:
> 		Thank you for the immediate reply to my mail but in my
> case I will not be using the entire U-boot and hence not bothered about
> the total size of U-boot. We already have a "startup code" for our board
> and this startup code runs from the I2CPROM. Once the start up code gets
> executed, the next step is to initialize the Ethernet driver and then
> run Tftp over this. The ipaddr, serverip, etc., will be hard coded.    

RAM initialization? Will you be reading  and  processing  SPD  infor-

> The startup code basically does some register initialization required to
> up the board. Another point here is that the user will not be able to
> access the serial console till the board downloads the images and boots
> up. 

Great. Happy debugging!

> So, any ideas on how to proceed with this feature of booting from PROM,
> plz do share them with me.

The idea I have about this is this: don't use U-Boot code for it.
U-Boot follows a very different design model.

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