[U-Boot-Users] environment problem with new board

Joe Steeve joe at sliceware.com
Thu Nov 23 02:16:39 CET 2006

Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> In message <45649FEE.6030107 at sliceware.com> you wrote:
>>> You're meddling with a lot of pretty critical places all at  once.  I
>>> wouldn't  do  that,  if  I were you. I see no reason to mess with the
>>> linker script, for example.
>> I had to do that because., the boot code starts executing at 0x40000000
> No. You _though_ you had to do this. This was one of your errors.

Yeah., I actually I thought I had to do this. I did notice the -Ttext
being passed to the linker. And I saw that., because of that all the
sections were being linked to the TEXT_BASE. That meant I'd have to
write position independant code in my start.S until till u-boot is
relocated outside.

Or am i still missing something :-S

Joe Steeve
Sliceware Private Limited

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