[U-Boot-Users] Booting ELDK 4.0 kernel on MPC8548CDS

Dan dan at somanetworks.com
Thu Nov 23 20:38:44 CET 2006

Kumar Gala wrote:

> Can you guys try out Grant's patch "[PATCH] Allow CONFIG_OF_FLAT_TREE  
> to boot a non-arch/powerpc kernel" and see if that fixes the issue  
> when building w/CONFIG_OF_FLAT_TREE enabled.  His patch should make  
> it so that a bootm w/1 or 2 args that aren't a multiimage should boot  
> arch/ppc style.
> - k

I was having a similar problem on my MPC8555CDS,
this patch fixes the problem for me as well.

I was also having a problem with ethernet on this board. 
The TSEC driver in u-boot 1.1.6 seems to be broken
(for this board anyway).  I moved the PHY reset a bit
earlier and it fixed it for me.  I'll submit a patch in a moment.


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