[U-Boot-Users] 'gd' is getting corrupted.

Joe Steeve joe at sliceware.com
Fri Nov 24 03:17:58 CET 2006

I'm porting u-boot to a Sigma Designs em8620L based board. The em8620L
is an SOC with an ARMv4t core (pT-110).

U-boot gets to the prompt now. Commands in cmd_mem.c, and loads are
working fine. However., 'printenv' never worked. My environment is in
the 'eeprom'. I did some printfs and found that., the 'gd' is getting
changed in between the 'for loop calling main_loop()' in lib_arm/board.c
to the 'do_printenv' command that is called from the main_loop().

The commands that I've configured to use are (CFG_CMD_MEMORY |

Any pointers to common mistakes could be very helpful.


Joe Steeve
Sliceware Private Limited

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