[U-Boot-Users] PCI OHCI / testing-USB branch

Robert Delien robert.delien at nxp.com
Tue Nov 28 12:31:34 CET 2006

Dear Markus,

> > is someone currently working on the testing-USB branch? Does it 
> > the most up to date USB code?
> Yes, and no. I've got a couple of patches for the generic OHCI driver
> which have not been merged yet, because I want to do some more
> testing. I'll try to do this soon.

I was working on that too, but I only started today, so I'm glad I'm 
reading this posting now instead of two weeks later ;-). Could you please 
send me your patches, or even post them here? I could help you debugging 

> > I have to add support for a PCI OHCI controller on a 405 board. This 
> > result in some modifications (endianess + bus offsets) of
> > drivers/usb_ohci.c.

I'm currently working on the NXP (previously Philips Semiconductors) 
PNX8535 SoC with a MIPS 4Kec core in it. We're running it in little endian 
mode, but I'm to keep everything big endian compatible using readl/writel 
from io.h.

> > Is someone else using a PCI OHCI controller on a board that I might 
> > missed to check?

Yes, I am, but we haven't pushed back our contributions yet. We're still 
working on U-Boot 1.1.3, while at the same time I'm porting 1.1.4. 
Unfortunately 1.1.5 came before I finished and scr*wed everything up 
I could send you my work, but I doubt if one day of work on a 1.1.3 file 
would be of any help ;-)

With kind regards,

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