[U-Boot-Users] Can U-boot support CFI and None CFI devices on the same board

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Tue Nov 28 12:41:27 CET 2006

Hi Rui,

On Monday 27 November 2006 23:44, Rui Sousa wrote:
> What I did in our local U-boot version was(*):
> 1. Add a cfi_ prefix to flash functions in drivers/cfi_flash.c:
> flash_init --> cfi_flash_init
> flash_erase --> cfi_flash_erase
> write_buff--> cfi_write_buff
> ...
> 2. Change flash base address table, in drivers/cfi_flash.c also:
> flash_info_t flash_info --> extern flash_info_t flash_info
> 3. Create in our board specific directory a flash.c file with all the flash
> interface functions and the declaration of flash_info:
> flash_info_t flash_info[CFG_MAX_FLASH_BANKS];
> flash_init()
> flash_erase()
> write_buff()

Hmmm. When I understood Tolunay correctly (Tolunay, please correct me if I am 
wrong here), he _does_ want to use most of the CFI drivers functions like 
erasing and programming for those non CFI compatible FLASH's too. Most of 
those devices are kind of AMD compatible, so this should be possible with not 
too many changes.

If we don't use this code, then merging those devices into this driver doesn't 
make much sense to me anymore.

Best regards,

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