[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH 3/5] Adds support for RedBoot

Pantelis Antoniou pantelis.antoniou at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 23:39:01 CET 2006

On 30 Νοε 2006, at 12:24 ΠΜ, Wolfgang Denk wrote:

> In message <22F4C253-E248-41BC-8DEA-76635842B8E6 at embeddedalley.com>  
> you wrote:
>> This is not the u-boot environment - it is the RedBoot environment.
>> I am using the RedBoot environment (which is Read-Only) for copying
>> environment
>> variables. Some very important variables are stored there like the
>> ethernet MAC
>> addresses & the ip address.
>> What this command does is copy the RedBoot config variable to the u-
>> boot ethaddr.
> Maybe you could  perform  a  single  read  and  create  corresponding
> entries in the U-Boot environment?

It would be more complicated really. Each board will need to do it's own
thing differently. You would end with a single function doing it with
a number of defines for each different board.

Just to make things clear, this is not supposed to be used normally in
u-boot; it is targetted for specific boards that need to migrate  
to u-boot. There is no cost for other boards.

>>> I have to admit that I don't like this. I'd rathwer see you using  
>>> the
>>> standard bootm command, and have the necessary  adaption  done   
>>> there
>>> based  on  the  image  type (which should indicate that thgis is  
>>> a RB
>>> image). You have a lot of #ifdef's there anyway.
>> Tried it, didn't work. The amount of defines was getting obscene.
>> As an added bonus the registers used to pass control to the kernel
>> are different,
>> plus you really need to disable the MMU & the caches the way that
>> RedBot does it.
> Well, maybe you can branch to a different function to handle this?

Isn't this exactly the same? How would I do that in bootm? I'd use
an environment variable to call the different function.

End up with almost the same function & crapping all over bootm.

If anything should be cleaned up is bootm to be split in different
functions for the normal & OF case.

IMHO of-course.

>>> Also, please cleanup your code (indentation by TABs, trailing white
>>> space, C++ comments, line length).
>> Some files were copied verbatim from RedBoot sources, so they are
>> bound to be like this.
>> I've been told that Lattice modifies the FPGA loader regurally, so I
>> tried to keep
>> the original formatting.
> I expected something like this.

Vendor code = ahem, interesting code :(

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