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Deepak $ehrawat d.sehrawat at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 07:01:33 CEST 2007

Hi all,

      I am trying to port u-boot on a board based on MPC8560. I am using
TRACE32 as a simulator ( and ICD ). In case of my board,
   CCSRBAR = 0xA000_0000 and there is no memory attached at 0XFF70_0000 (
i.e at default CCSRBAR address ).  During simulation
   I observed that in file "cpu/mpc85xx/start.S" ( line - 276 onwards ), it
tries to modify old CCSRBAR value the with new one. But as there
   is no memory at default CCSRBAR address (0xFF70_0000) , will it work in
real senario ? ( i.e when i will run this code on the actual card ).
   Am I missing something? Do i need to change the value of
CFG_CCSRBAR_DEFAULT to such a location on my board where some memory exists.
   During simulation, while stepping through U-Boot's code (e.g in file
cpu/mpc85xx/start.S ), values of the registers like CCSRBAR, LAWs etc
   are not changing. What should I do?

   Do help me...its pretty urgent. Thanks in advance

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