[U-Boot-Users] git clone problem

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Tue Apr 3 12:47:38 CEST 2007

Hi Aubrey,

> Somehow I can't clone my git repository any more, git-clone always
> hangs at the same commit-ID as follows.
> Please help, thanks.
> Best Regards,
> -Aubrey
> aubrey at ubuntu-feisty:~/upstream-uboot$ git-clone
> http://www.denx.de/git/u-boot-blackfin.git
> ----snip----
> walk d2c83f549378fb3fc34cb3c2e62fd772fbf8b68b
> got b2e8b3c69774357044f39186a10cf1542bde6be5
> got 2da827b326038662feb6f28cb0f9a3d86cef6b2e
> got f9741f4fc9f4b1165c58d76dc58e0593808b84e5
> got eb62a0abe8bdea88c563380c302a88fa64eff151
> got 620d3c9a14affca29a5c4e575e9f355c2bd4aed2
> got 58e3b14c18ed3288ceef8d086946dbf3df64ccf2
> got 0612ed5872dbec0736e779eb28748af04c0d4f1c
> walk 620d3c9a14affca29a5c4e575e9f355c2bd4aed2
> walk 4decd84e8f04279c5cfff7f8e907465ef8d8a3fb
> walk 58e3b14c18ed3288ceef8d086946dbf3df64ccf2
> walk e59581c56ab5d6e0207ddac3b2c1d55cb36ec706
> walk dae80f3caf9754a6dd3ddf3cf903d0c46cbd4385
> walk e4c2d37adc8bb1bf69dcf600cbc6c75f916a6120
> walk 1954be6e9c9421b45d0a9d05b10356acc7563150
> walk fae684e89844856383bdf101440889557df3e6b1
> walk 4e26f1074c3ac1bd8fd094f0dc4a1c4a0b15a592
> walk 1aa934c81b77f2080d3ca4b226eab67b17a33961
> walk 4f4b602ec7524a032bdf3c6d28c7f525a4a67eaa
> walk 1729b92cde575476684bffe819d0b7791b57bff2
> got 3ab1a99fbc6527441b6932b20d3e0a262a9d5fdb
> got a6c834c3ece23487b4f744bfc516c78aab800117
> got 4be23a12f23f1372634edc3215137b09768b7949

Hm.  Can't you use the git:// protocol?  This is much more efficient
anyway and whats more, I just tried and this works
like a charm.

I also tried the http:// method and admittedly it hung on first try -
using git  I checked and it looks like git-http-pull might
have a problem there (the last objected from your list actually
produces a 404 not found on our server).  I upgraded my local git to and now it works.

Can you please try using the git protocol or otherwise updateing your
git version?


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