[U-Boot-Users] Is there a way to get total time passed since boot in U-Boot?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Apr 3 14:44:36 CEST 2007

In message <731794.82779.qm at web8405.mail.in.yahoo.com> you wrote:
> I am working on MPC8548 U-Boot. Here, I have a
> requirement where I need to get the total number of
> millisecs/secs elapsed since the boot (similar to what

How do you define "since the boot"?

Since power-on? Sinde the HRESET condition ended? Since the  CPU  was
executing the first instruction?

> jiffies do in linux). Please let me know if there is a
> way to get this in U-Boot code?

Read the timebase - I'm not sure if this is what you want,  but  this
is what you can get easily :-)

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