[U-Boot-Users] Warning for mpc8360emds users: fdt-cmd from u-boot-fdt.git

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Apr 5 10:06:11 CEST 2007

In message <46146842.8060509 at gmail.com> you wrote:
> If bootm edits/augments the FDT, the boot scripts/user has no chance to 
> change the items it edits/augments (biggie: the chosen node), or even 
> print it before linux is launched.  This defeats 90% of the purpose of 
> the fdt command - allowing the user/script customize the blob before 
> linux is launched.

I agree that it should be *possible* to do this, if wanted.Similar
like we can set up our own contents of thebootargs variable.

On the other hand, bootm should do everything that is necessary to
start a kernel without such interaction, if needed.

Remember for example that bootm gets called automatically and without
user interaction after download commands when "autostart" is  set  to

Now assume we set "autostart" to "yes" nd  use  "dhcp"  to  load  and
start a multifile image containing the FDT. This is required to work,

> My reasoning is that you can string together (or script) the proper 
> "fdt" commands to do what previously was done by "bootm" in one step, so 
> we are losing a small bit of convenience and gaining a whole lot of 
> flexibility.  As a for instance, currently/previously you had to 

Agreed, but as an option, and without breaking compatibility of
exiting methods.

> Much, perhaps most, possibly even all of the current stuff that is 
> wedged into bootm is or should be passed through the blob.

I cannot parse this. Please explain what you have in mind.

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