[U-Boot-Users] Seeking help in booting linux on a virtual platform

Chinmay Upadhyaya chinmayu at CoWare.com
Thu Apr 12 14:41:13 CEST 2007

Hello Everyone,

I m trying to boot linux on a virtual platform . I was hoping to get a 
little help from this forum .

The Platform is basic comprising of : (everything is in a simulated form)
1. Reset Generator
2. Clock Generator
3. ARM-Processor Core - 926EJ-S
4. TCM stubs (Tightly Coupled Memory) for processor
5. Interrupt-Controller
6. BUS (OCP-PSP) for interface

The Boot-Loader i m using is DAS U-BOOT 1.1.6
Linux version is

The problem i m facing is the configuration of u-boot image as well as 
the kernel image . The configuration is done according to a board which 
i m not using i.e Versatile, mine is a virtual platform and while 
configuring i had to specify a board (which i gave as Versatile), now 
the problem is that the image produced is according to Versatile and 
thus it's looking for hardware which is not present on my platform (i.e 
memory address fault occurs) .
Thus what i would like to know is, how to configure  the u-boot if i m 
not using a known board, i.e if i m using a custom made board, what 
should be done ?
I would really be grateful .

Thanks a lot in advance .

Best Regards,
Chinmay Upadhyaya

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