[U-Boot-Users] Proposal for patch to configurenetwork parameters

Ulf Samuelsson ulf at atmel.com
Sat Apr 21 08:17:23 CEST 2007

>> No, I think you need to understand my situation.
> I think I do. Been there, done that before.
>> This configuration is only used at initial production to get access to 
>> the
>> tftp server
> There are easier ways to get there.
>> They are not separated, both networking and environment are but examples
>> on how you can use the patch.
>> None of them are part of the patch.
> In fact you can use this to modify U-Boot in arbitray  ways,

No I can use it for *configuring* it in a different way than available
with the current board configs.
By the rules of the game, any such additions becomes GPL.

I guess this means that you would be against configuring U-boot with Eclipse 
as well...

> without
> allowing  a user who looks at the source code to see what's going on.
> If this is your intention, than the patch is evil, as  it  inherently
> opens doors and gates for GPL violations.
> I say no.

There is already a wide open door for GPL violations called "editing the 
so this does not change anything.
Just makes life difficult for people with honest intentions.

Best Regards
Ulf Samuelsson 

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