[U-Boot-Users] Various MPC8343 issues

Joe Grisso jgrisso at det3.net
Mon Apr 23 20:10:16 CEST 2007

Hello there,

     We're bringing up our own board based around the MPC8343 and have
run into multiple problems. We're using u-boot 1.1.3 from the
Freescale LTIB BSP, and are running into some issues with the system.
Instead of using Marvell or Vitesse gigabit PHYs, we are using a
National DP83849C dual PHY. We also have a Philips SAA7134 on the PCI
bus. We have 64MB of flash located at 0xFC000000-0xFFFFFFFF, and we
have 64MB of SDRAM on the local bus at 0x00000000-0x03FFFFFF. I was
hoping someone had experience with these particular glitches, and
would offer some deeper insight into the problem.

#1) When we attempt to ping a remote host, we are getting the dreaded:

Freescale TSEC0: tsec: tx error

In digging into this problem, we find that we are getting a CSB
timeout when DMA tries to transfer the packet from SDRAM to the MAC

#2) When attempting to bring up PCI, we run into a "reserved 0" target
state after u-boot writes to POCMR1, setting the PCI I/O mask.

I've been trying to debug this to no avail. First thing I'm going to
do is start using u-boot 1.2.0 and see if the problems repeat
themselves. I was wondering if anyone else had some suggestions on
where to go from here?

Best Regards,

Joe Grisso
Detachment 3 Engineering

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