[U-Boot-Users] RFC: hidden environment variables

Timur Tabi timur at freescale.com
Mon Apr 23 21:45:43 CEST 2007

Ben Warren wrote:

> Sure, but I don't think info overload was Timur's primary concern.  I
> thought he wanted to make the variables RO from the command prompt.
> Maybe I misunderstood.

No, I just wanted a way for U-Boot code to store data in the environment without 
interference from the user.  The reason I want to use the environment is that it already 
exists, and it already has a mechanism for saving itself to flash.

So, the obvious question is, "well, what kind of data?".  I have an idea where the user 
can tell U-Boot how the board is jumpered, so that when it boots the kernel, it can modify 
the device tree on-the-fly based on the jumper settings.  I don't want to use the setenv 
command, however, to specify these jumper settings.  I want to use a new command that does 
some parameter checking and performs other operations.

Timur Tabi
Linux Kernel Developer @ Freescale

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