[U-Boot-Users] Malloc failed in env_relocate

Ashish Ranjan ranjan_ash at rediffmail.com
Mon Dec 3 09:18:01 CET 2007

I am using u-boot-1.1.5 on MIPS32 core SoC. I am getting NULL pointer as return value of malloc from env_relocate() function.

while debugging in mem_malloc_init() I come to know that mem_malloc_start= 0x81f80000 and mem_malloc_end=0xFFFFFFFF. But when i checked both the values in sbrk() which is called from malloc() i got mem_malloc_start=0xFFFFFFFF and mem_malloc_end=0xFFFFFFFF.

How it happened ?? It may be the reason for getting NULL pointer. Please help me out.

One more thing what should be the value of gd->reloc_off at mem_malloc_init().because in mem_malloc_init, mem_malloc_end = CFG_MONITOR_BASE + gd->relo_off and CFG_MONITOR_BASE is base address of Flash. In my case gd-relo_off=0xc23c0000 and CFG_MONITOR_BASE=0xBFC00000 so mem_alloc_end should be 0x181FC0000 but it is of 4byte so here is overflow and it become 0xFFFFFFFF.Is there anything wrong??

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