[U-Boot-Users] Can U-boot Autodetect arch/ppc versusarch/powerpc from info in the uImage?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Dec 4 01:23:52 CET 2007

Dear Jocke,

in message <057d01c83604$e0bb9ce0$5267a8c0 at Jocke> you wrote:
> Wolfgang, have you read the "Passing the OF tree to bootm from board code?"
> thread? Would you mind explain why it was removed and why you don't think
> it should be in u-boot?

Is there a thread to it? I can just find a single posting from you,
without any replies...

But as for your question:

I cannot remember that, or when, or why exactly this feature was
removed; I cannot even remember that it ever exited.

But in genral I think it is a very bad idea  to  compile  the  device
tree  into the U-Boot image, because that means you can never replace
/ change / update it. Also I fail to understand why you would want to
do that. To me it seems much more sensible to  have  separate  U-Boot
and  device  tree  images,  which can be replaced independent of each
other. If you want, you can still store these in  adjacent  locations
in flash. You can even attach these (you probably want to insert some
padding  to  align on flash sector boundaries) images to for a single
file which can be downloaded and flashed in a single operation.

As far as I understand your request, this offers all the same options
you can get with a compiled in device tree blob, but with  the  added
benefit of allowing many more things at the same time, too.

Maybe I'm missing something?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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