[U-Boot-Users] Problems in making Ram disk image

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Thu Dec 6 10:36:44 CET 2007

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> Subject: [U-Boot-Users] Problems in making Ram disk image
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> Dear friends,
> I am facing some problems in making initrd image for at91rm9200.I am
using this command,as per mentioned in README file of u-boot-1.1.6.
> tools/mkimage -n 'Simple Ramdisk Image' -a arm -0x00000000 linux -T
ramdisk -C gzip -d /ArmLinux/images/SIMPLE-ramdisk.image.gz/
> tools/mkimage: invalid load address arm
> My loading address is 0x00000000 <http://> 
> Ravi
How much investigation have you done of this problem yourself? My guess
would be none.

>From the output of 'mkimage -h':
Usage: mkimage -l image
          -l ==> list image header information
       mkimage [-x] -A arch -O os -T type -C comp -a addr -e ep -n name
-d data_file[:data_file...] image
          -A ==> set architecture to 'arch'
          -O ==> set operating system to 'os'
          -T ==> set image type to 'type'
          -C ==> set compression type 'comp'
          -a ==> set load address to 'addr' (hex)
          -e ==> set entry point to 'ep' (hex)
          -n ==> set image name to 'name'
          -d ==> use image data from 'datafile'
          -x ==> set XIP (execute in place)

This strongly suggests that the section of your command line '-a arm
-0x00000000 linux' is seriously wrong.

I think it should be '-A arm -a 0x00000000 -O linux', but you will want
to check these match your actual application of mkimage.



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