[U-Boot-Users] Can U-boot Autodetect arch/ppcversusarch/powerpc from info in the uImage?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Dec 7 01:57:41 CET 2007

In message <00aa01c83859$77863cb0$02ac10ac at Jocke> you wrote:
> The extension I made can just as easily be a function that returns a dev. tree.
> - One can have a dev. tree update procedure similar to
>   rendundant env. The funktion then selects which dev. tree is valid and passes
>   that back.
> - The function can construct a dev. tree from builtin rules/code.
> - One can even make it tftp a tree at boot and pass that back. Great
>   in a development env. especially if you are debugging the dev. tree.
> and the kicker is that you can still override this tree at runtime by passing
> a dev. tree argument to bootm.
> All this will be possible by the simple patch I posted earlier, included
> below.

Um... and which of these cannot be done without your patch?

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