[U-Boot-Users] not able to download through loads command

yusuf khan khan.yusuf80 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 06:58:09 CET 2007

hi all

i am facing problem while downloading the .srec file through loads command
using minicom,i have done all the configuration for minicom as told in
README file but still i am not able to dowload the .srec,can somebody tell
me how to overcome this problem.

the error it shows are
=> loads
## Ready for S-Record download ...
## S-Record download abortedE0008246E00CC8
=> S40200102F0A61F00000214487800032F35017092
Unknown command 'S40200102F0A61F00000214487800032F35017092' - try 'help'
=> S4020200000000C61FF0000010E61FF00000A44A
Unknown command 'S4020200000000C61FF0000010E61FF00000A44A' - try 'help'
=> S0200302F002F350170000000106FF000000F84D
Unknown command 'S0200302F002F350170000000106FF000000F84D' - try 'help'

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