[U-Boot-Users] Request to mailing list U-Boot-Users rejected

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Tue Dec 11 23:41:56 CET 2007

On Tuesday 11 December 2007, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> In message <200712112009.06587.sr at denx.de> you wrote:
> > > > Message body is too big: 40979 bytes with a limit of 40 KB
> ...
> > 100k limit, please.
> And what happens whith the next posting with a size of 100k + N bytes?

with that logic, why allow 40k.  take it down to 10k.  or 1k.

posting valid patches that exceed 40k is not uncommon.  patches exceeding 100k 
is much less uncommon.
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