[U-Boot-Users] fixed: Re: [PATCH] Fix linker scripts: add NOLOAD atribute to .bss/.sbss sections

Clemens Koller clemens.koller at anagramm.de
Wed Dec 12 12:32:41 CET 2007

[CCed to current thread at binutils list: Re: binutils-2.18 and U-Boot]

Clemens Koller schrieb:
 > brino schrieb:
 >  > Hi All,
 >  >
 >  > This fix doesn't work with binutils-2.18.  I'm building u-boot for the amcc
 >  > yosemite board using cygwin and cross binutils-2.18/gcc-4.2.2 for a
 >  > powerpc-eabi target.
 > Yes, binutils-2.18 have this broken. binutils-2.17 work fine.

In the latest binutils-snapshot (at least):

$ ld -v
GNU ld (GNU Binutils)

this problem was fixed by:

commit 41be969f4957115ed7b1fe8b890bfaee99d7a7a2
Author: Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de>
Date:   Thu Dec 6 10:21:19 2007 +0100
     Release v1.3.1
compiled a  $ make TQM8540_config target with gcc-4.2.2 within
an native mpc8540 environment.

I cannot run-test now, but I will close binutils bug 5205 now:

Thanks for the detailed report to Brian and for the fix to Nathan. :-)

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