[U-Boot-Users] mpc83xx boot error

gvb.uboot gvb.uboot at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 01:54:16 CET 2007

gvb.uboot wrote:
> Russell McGuire wrote:
>> All,
>> I have downloaded the latest U-boot 1.3.0 dirty <a week old> and 
>> compiled it up for a 8360E-MDS board.
>> I have downloaded the latest version of the DTC 1.0.0-ge1109207 today, 
>> and compiled up a preconfigured dts file
>> and burnt that into flash. Also I have downloaded denx’s latest 
>> linux-git tree and configured it for said board.
>> However, when I try to boot Linux, I get an immediate error as follows:
>>>  bootm $kerneladdr - $blobaddr
>> …. Bla bla standard printf……
>> Uncompressing the Kernel Image … OK
>> Booting using the fdt at 0xe0080000
>> Loading device tree to 0x007fe000, end 0x007ff432 … ERROR: fdt move 
>> failed – must reset board to recover. Resetting the board.
>> I am coming at this from my experience with U-boot 1.1.2 and 1.1.6 and a 
>> 1 yr old version of the dtc compiler.
>> Are there new options, or less options that should be used with the dtc 
>> compiler to avoid this error?
>> I know before we had to fix the version of the blob, so perhaps I am 
>> compiling the blob wrong? The dts file compiles fine with no warnings.
>> dtc –I dts –O dtb –f –V 0x10
>> Using this without –V 0x10 gives me a different error
>> dtc –I dts –O dtb -f
>> WARNING: could not create /chosen FDT_ERR_NOSPACE
>> ERROR: /chosen node create failed - must RESET the board to recover
>> Anybody have any ideas?
> Hi Russell,
> * You need to use version 17 (simply don't specify -V 0x10).
> * As Kim mentioned, you need -S padding to allow extra space for the
>      /chosen node.
> * Since you burned the blob into flash, bootm has to relocate the blob
>     to RAM.  This is what is giving you the "fdt move failed" error in
>     your first example, it is moving the blob to 0x007fe000 - is this
>     a valid address (seems like it should be)?  Perhaps it is simply
>     because you didn't pad it?  Perhaps we let a bug slip in?
> Good luck,
> gvb

Oops, I missed the -R 8 that Kim recommended (very correctly).  This 
makes more reserved map entries which is important as well as the -S 
extra space.


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