[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH 0/7] cfi_flash cleanups, take 3

Haavard Skinnemoen hskinnemoen at atmel.com
Thu Dec 13 12:56:27 CET 2007

This is a resend of the whole series rebased onto the latest head of
the CFI tree.

Patch #3 is not actually present since it's too large to fit under the
40K limit. I've put it on a web server instead:


I did a quick test on one of my avr32 boards and while it identified
the flash just fine, it couldn't erase it. I think the flash chip
needs to be unprotected, and the current code doesn't do this (it's
kind of a quirk with the particular Atmel chip I'm using, AT49BV6416.)
I'm planning to rework the code dealing with chip-specific quirks
later on and add code to smack this chip on the head as needed. It
also has a geometry reversal issue which is not detected properly by
the current code (I think there's a reason this chip was quickly
replaced by AT49BV642D, which doesn't have any of these problems.)

Haavard Skinnemoen (7):
      cfi_flash: Break long lines
      cfi_flash: Make some needlessly global functions static
      cfi_flash: Reorder functions and eliminate extra prototypes
      Implement __raw_{read,write}[bwl] on all architectures
      cfi_flash: Introduce read and write accessors
      Introduce map_physmem() and unmap_physmem()
      cfi_flash: Use map_physmem() and unmap_physmem()

 drivers/mtd/cfi_flash.c     | 1699 +++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
 include/asm-arm/io.h        |   26 +
 include/asm-avr32/io.h      |   32 +
 include/asm-blackfin/io.h   |   26 +
 include/asm-i386/io.h       |   26 +
 include/asm-m68k/io.h       |   41 +
 include/asm-microblaze/io.h |   26 +
 include/asm-mips/io.h       |   26 +
 include/asm-nios/io.h       |   34 +
 include/asm-nios2/io.h      |   34 +
 include/asm-ppc/io.h        |   58 ++-
 11 files changed, 1249 insertions(+), 779 deletions(-)

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