[U-Boot-Users] Target support for qemu -M mips

Vlad Lungu vlad at comsys.ro
Mon Dec 17 17:52:20 CET 2007

Shinya Kuribayashi wrote:
> Hi Vlad,
> Vlad Lungu wrote:
>>    With serial, NE2000, IDE support. Tested in big-endian mode.
>>    Memory size hard-coded to 128M for now, so don't play with
>>    the -m option.
> very interesting B-). Applied to u-boot-mips/testing branch.
> I'd like to give it a try, but I have to admit that I've never tested
> qemu for U-Boot/Mips; I've tested only with Linux/Mips kernel. Could
> you give me some HOWTOs, steps to reproduce, expected output results,
> etc. Or any usuful pointers...

make qemu_mips_config ; make

Copy (or symlink) u-boot.bin to mips_bios.bin and launch
qemu-system-mips -L . /dev/null
-L . so that qemu picks the BIOS from the current directory and
/dev/null because qemu wants a disk image. Qemu willl load and launch 

Add -hda file.img to Qemu cmd line  in order to emulate a hard-disk and do
ide reset
at the U-Boot prompt ; the disk (or disks) should be identified. Check 
U-Boot doc for booting fromHD :-)

Add -tftp / and then do dhcp (or directly tftp) and then bootelf (on 
vmlinux) or bootm (on uimage).

Main purpose is to be able to develop U-Boot modules with no hardware. 
Secondary is for me to learn how it works :-) in order
to develop a free BIOS for the MTI Malta board, as emulated by Qemu 
(comes with PCI and stuff). Or even for the real board. I have that
sort-of-working too, but I'm not very happy with  the PCI bus driver .


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