[U-Boot-Users] RFC: New U-boot image format

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Thu Dec 20 23:39:38 CET 2007

Marian Balakowicz wrote:
> I was thinking of a syntax that would be similar to regular data
> sections which are enclosed in [] braces. Something like:
> prop = {/path/to/file};

This one overloads {} based primarily on whether there's an equal sign 
before it... a bit icky.  Plus, sooner or later we'll run out of special 
characters to assign meaning to, and we'll become Perlish in the 
process. :-)

I went with text-between slashes as it's an already-established keyword 

> or prop = [file:/path/to/file];

This is ambiguous; file: will be scanned as a label unless we give 
precedence to it as a keyword, and I don't think we want to go down the 
path of reserved words when we have other mechanisms available to 
separate the namespaces.


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