[U-Boot-Users] Linux kernel hang (infinite loop)

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Dec 26 10:05:36 CET 2007

In message <567567.751661198636698510.JavaMail.coremail at bj163app54.163.com> you wrote:
>     I am now working on ELDK4.1+u-boot.1.3.1 in my Ubuntu linux, however I encounter a weird problem when I tried to compile u-boot each time with command:

What has the subject line to do with the content of this message?
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> make distclean;make B2_config;make clean;make
> (see log)

Works fine for me (on a Fedora 7 system)...

> Why I can't compile u-boot in the first time? while I can compile it in the second time.
> gcc -Wall -pedantic -idirafter /arm44b0/u-boot-1.3.1/include -idirafter /arm44b0/u-boot-1.3.1/include2 -idirafter /arm44b0/u-boot-1.3.1/include -DTEXT_BASE=0x0C100000 -DUSE_HOSTCC -O  -o bmp_logo bmp_logo.o
> strip bmp_logo
> /bmp_logo logos/denx.bmp >/arm44b0/u-boot-1.3.1/include/bmp_logo.h
> /bmp_logo: 1: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")

Either your source tree has been modified / corrupted, or your "Make"
tool is somehow broken - or you did not literally copy the build log.

When I see a "strip bmp_logo" command as above, the next command
should be "./bmp_logo logos/denx.bmp >...". 

You should fix this problem, then the other one goes away, too.

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And STOP posting HTML here!

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