[U-Boot-Users] Can't use fsload command

feng_tian feng_tian at 126.com
Thu Dec 27 07:29:56 CET 2007

Hi, all:
I'm developing with a at91sam9260ek board, os is linux 2.6.20, boot loader is u-boot 1.1.5.
We only have nand flash in the system.
And I want to load kernel from nand flash with jffs2 support, then I enabled fsload by adding some configs in at91sam9260ek.h.
One of those configuration commands is "CFG_CMD_JFFS2".
But it seems that this configuration is for _NOR_FLASH_ not for NAND.
I found another configuration is CONFIG_JFFS2_NAND, I guess this one will support jffs2 in NAND.
But I still can't use _fsload_, because cmd_jffs2.c depends on CFG_CMD_JFFS2. It seems that NAND only supports nand read.jffs2 adr off size
nand write.jffs2 adr off size

So, my question is:
Is there any way to load a file from nand(jffs2), e.g. I've one kernel image in rootfs, then I can use like this: "fsload /boot/uImage"

Any comments or advices are welcome.

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