[U-Boot-Users] Pull request: u-boot-freebsd

Rafal Jaworowski raj at semihalf.com
Thu Dec 27 12:56:59 CET 2007

Dear Wolfgang,
you wrote:
> I'm afraid I have to reject this pull request.
> First, I think it breaks Linux booting support for a couple of boards
> (all 4xx ones, that is).
>> The following changes since commit 41be969f4957115ed7b1fe8b890bfaee99d7a7a2:
>>   Wolfgang Denk (1):
>>         Release v1.3.1
>> are available in the git repository at:
> ...
>>       [POWERPC] Simplify bd_info struct
> This is the culprit.
> With your  patch,  you  *always*  include  an  entry  "unsigned  long
> bi_bar;" in the bd_infor structure - even for processors which didn't
> have  one before (like 4xx boards). Thus you change the layout of the
> bd_info structure for such systems, which causes  an  incompatibility
> with the respective structure used by the Linux kernel.
> Also, I have to admit that  I  dislike  this  type  of  #ifdef  based
> "simplification".  I  don't  think  the  resulting  code becomes more
> readable.

Mhm, right. Maybe it was too much of an improvement :) Given all the legacy
dependencies between bd_info and Linux it's probably better to just leave it
as is and deal with those #idef'ed fields locally (where they are accessed).

> Please fix and resubmit.

Will do.

> Then, we have this part:
>>       [Net] Introduce standalone eth_receive() routine
> This adds a lot of code to the networking code which is not neede dby
> most of the boards. Please make this an optional feature that get's
> only compiled in for boards that explicitely request it. Then run this
> patch separately through the network custodian.

I already sent this patch to Ben and the list some time ago and got an initial
ACK, but I'll re-spin with.

kind regards,

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