[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH 2/2] Remove the obsolete terse version of do_mii()

gvb.uboot gvb.uboot at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 13:38:10 CET 2007

Shinya Kuribayashi wrote:
> We now have more useful version of do_mii() and everybody use it. Grald
> Van Baren says
>> When I originally wrote the mii command 6(!) years ago, I wrote a 
>> verbose version that printed human readable decomposition of the flags, 
>> etc., and a terse one that didn't print as much stuff and thus had a 
>> smaller memory footprint.
>> It sounds like the terse version has withered and died, apparently 
>> people are only using the verbose version (which is very understandable, 
>> I do myself).
> Signed-off-by: Shinya Kuribayashi <shinya.kuribayashi at necel.com>
> Signed-off-by: Gerald Van Baren <vanbaren at cideas.com>

Hi Shinya,

Thanks for the patch to clean this up.  While I agree with the patch, I 
would appreciate respinning it:
* I should be an "Acked by" rather than a signed off by since I didn't 
do anything to generate the patch itself.

* I would also offer the following summary rather than quoting my 
original email (including the 6(!) year reference, which will look kinda 
funny in 2012 ;-):

Remove the "terse" version of the mii command, eliminating an #ifdef and 
apparently unused code.  The space savings of the "terse" version is not 
significant and it isn't worth the extra maintenance effort to keep it.

Acked-by: Gerald Van Baren <vanbaren at cideas.com>


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