[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH 0/4] PPC4xx: Use common code for PPC440EPx SDRAM support

Larry Johnson lrj at arlinx.com
Sun Dec 30 07:00:14 CET 2007

 board/amcc/sequoia/sdram.c |  344 +-----------------------------
 board/amcc/sequoia/sdram.h |  505 --------------------------------------------
 board/lwmon5/sdram.c       |  357 ++-----------------------------
 board/lwmon5/sdram.h       |  505 --------------------------------------------
 4 files changed, 26 insertions(+), 1685 deletions(-)

These four patches replace board-specific code for Denali-core SDRAM
support with common definitions and functions.  Please note:

(1) The changes to "board/amcc/sequoia/sdram.c" break the build for

(2) The changes to "board/lwmon5/sdram.c" seem reasonable, but I have no
board on which to test them.  If you decide to use them, please test
them first.  I have modified the functionality so that the data-eye
search is now done with with the cache disabled, as in the Denali SPD

Best regards,

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