[U-Boot-Users] [ppc4xx] Please pull git://www.denx.de/git/u-boot-ppc4xx.git

gvb.uboot gvb.uboot at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 14:59:03 CET 2007

Stefan Roese wrote:
> Wolfgang, please pull the 4xx changes from the u-boot-ppc4xx master
> branch.
> Unfortunately I couldn't create a complete list of changes as done
> usually, since I merge multiple times with mainline. Then
> "git-request-pull" isn't useful anymore to create a list of changes
> only present in the local repository. It creates a list of changes
> which also included patches from the mainline repo. Perhaps somebody else
> with more "git-knowledge" can help out here and tell me how to create
> such a git-shortlog which only includes the local changes.
> Thanks.

Hi Stefan,

What I've been doing which works well is to create a local branch (i.e. 
no need to push back to denx.de) in my local repo named "uboot" (I 
removed the "-" in "u-boot" because I'm lazy and git makes you use "--" 
if there is a dash in the branch name).  I pull the u-boot mainline 
changes into this "uboot" branch and then rebase "master" against 
"uboot".  Note that this naming, pulling, and rebasing method can be 
extended to other sub-repos such as "uboottesting" or "ubootfdt" to 
maintain changes rebased against other sub-repos.

This prevents the intermixing of "official" patches and improvement 
patches which happens if you do a pull of u-boot repo directly into your 
"master" branch.

This is simply an inversion of my original method, which was to pull 
u-boot master changes into the "master" branch and keep improvements in 
a different branch ("merge") that I rebased against the "master" branch.

Time to update the Custodians page...

Best regards and have a great new year,

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