[U-Boot-Users] purpose of calling 'cache_post_dinvalidate' before writing

Sachin Rane SRane at alphion.com
Tue Jan 2 09:25:40 CET 2007



I just want to know the purpose of calling 'invalidate'
(cache_post_dinvalidate) command before writing cached area in file


The code snippet is appended for reference.



Sachin Rane



            mflr       r0

            stw       r0, 4(r1)


            stwu     r3, -4(r1)

            stwu     r4, -4(r1)


            bl          cache_post_dwb

            bl          cache_post_dinvalidate


            /* Write the negative pattern to the test area */

            lwz       r0, 0(r1)

            mtctr     r0

            li           r0, 0xff

            lwz       r3, 4(r1)

            subi      r3, r3, 1


            stbu      r0, 1(r3)

            bdnz     1b


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