[U-Boot-Users] do_bootm_linux OF_FLAT_TREE

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Jan 5 22:12:06 CET 2007

Dear David,

in message <459E6DC3.9040900 at cray.com> you wrote:
> Kumar Gala wrote:
> > When I implemented this I felt that it was an all or nothing situation. 
> > Either you specified the memory locations of the kernel, initrd, and dtb
> > or you used a single MULTI image.

That was what I had in mind, too, when we discussed this.

I have to admit that I missed this special case, too.

> Right...  but the _assumption_ everywhere in *_bootm seems to be that
> 	MULTI = kernel + initrd

Ummm... this may look like an assumption, but it ain't so. It's  just
that this was the only useful application of multifile images so far.
My intention however has always been to extend this if it should ever
be needed - like now.

> so my view would be to not introduce another [unfounded?] assumption
> that .. eg. MULTI = kernel + initrd + dtb.  So; yes; it'd be maybe nice

That's what was discussed, and agreed on, before.

> to have the picking apart of MULTI off in its own func so its done
> consistently..   or, at a cost of more duct-tape, but less overall
> impact-full might be enclosed patch.
> I dunno; still hoping & searching for a less-duct-tape solution.

Maybe we should make this duplicated code a separate function so we
can use something like "len = find_initrd (hdr, &data);" or so?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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