[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] Fixed cfi flash read uchar bug.

Zhang Wei-r63237 Wei.Zhang at freescale.com
Mon Jan 8 03:41:32 CET 2007

Hi, Stefan,

But it's a pity they are no useful.

> What I noticed after looking at the flash access functions like 
> flash_read_uchar() is that no access macros and even no 
> volatile pointer 
> access is used to read from the flash. This looks like a 
> potential problem, 
> that can show when using different compiler versions.
> Please find attached a small patch that adds fixes this 
> potential problem for 
> the 3 functions flash_read_uchar/ushort/long. Please give it 
> a try and let me 
> know if this changed the behavior somehow.

Agree with you!
It's a potential problem. Is my patch fit for it? :D

Best Regards,
Zhang Wei

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