[U-Boot-Users] XiP Linux uImage

Javier Ruere javierruere at apexar.com
Mon Jan 8 19:40:52 CET 2007

	I have failed to make an XiP uImage (or xipuImage) from a Linux kernel 
configured as XiP. The line I tried was:

mkimage -x -O linux -n Apexar -C none -a 10100000 -e 10100040 -d xipImage 

	But it says: 'mkimage: Bad file: "xipImage" has invalid buffer for XIP'

	I am using a kernel 2.6.16+patches for an ARM9 (AT91RM9200). It is configured 
to run from 0x1010_0040, the 0x40 left for the uImage header. I am using 
U-Boot 1.1.6; which is at 0x1000_0000 configured with the default 
configuration for an AT91RM9200-DK. The cross-compiler is a 3.4.6.

		Javier Ruere

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