[U-Boot-Users] csb637 and csb937 breakout board: USB HOST SUPPLY VOLTAGE

Christian Meißner christian at meine-bude-rockt.de
Fri Jan 12 11:19:11 CET 2007


i'm using a csb637 board with csb937 breakout.
i have installed u-boot 1.1.6 as boot loader and by uploading a kernel
version 2.6.17 i was able to start linux on this board.

now i try to use the usb host, but the supply voltage of 5V are not
present at host connector. by reading the manual i found out that a bit
in at91rm92000 register has to be set to enable the supply
(port b bit0).

is there a way to enable this bit via u-boot? or is it implemented yet?

best regards,

christian meißner

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