[U-Boot-Users] unable to save environment

Ram vshrirama at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 06:50:24 CET 2007

Im trying to nand-boot TI 2430SDP.

What i do is to flash nand boot
 NOR U-BOOT# nand erase 0x10000 0x40000
 NOR U-BOOT# tftpboot 0x80000000 u-boot.bin
 NOR U-BOOT# nand write.jffs2 0x80000000 0x22444

  I am able to get u-boot prompt;
  But, i aslo get the message:
## Error: environment overflow, "stdin" deleted
## Error: environment overflow, "stdout" deleted
 ## Error: environment overflow, "stderr" deleted

when i do printenv - it printfs some vague characters and lots of blank spaces.
Environment size: 131069/131068 bytes
im not able to save any environment - since it detects that the
environment space is full,

I also tried erasing the environment space too - but the result is the same.
Im dont get vague characters, abcedf.... and lots of spaces. ( blank lines)

I know - to start with, the space reserved for the environment is occupied.

How do i come out of this situation.

Also, does u-boot save some default environment variables, if so,
where should i look?.

my board/omap2430sdp.c does not saveenv.

But for this to occur, i think there should be some free space left to
save my envs.

How is this handled for the very "first" time - boards just out of factory?.

Please advice,


/x0000000 - 0x0010000        Booting Image
 * 0x0010000 - 0x0050000        U-Boot Image
 * 0x0050000 - 0x0080000        U-Boot Env Data (X-loader doesn't care)
 * 0x0080000 - 0x00B0000        Kernel Image
 * 0x00B0000 - 0x4000000        depends on application

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