[U-Boot-Users] RFC: miiphy changes

Ben Warren bwarren at qstreams.com
Sat Jan 20 06:13:48 CET 2007


For my custom board, I've had to make some changes to
the 'miiphy' code
in order to handle 'IEEE 802.3ae clause 25' framing. 
While similar to the typical MDIO framing, this 10GbE
extension adds a couple of operation types and uses a
different start delimiter.

The existing miiphy code defines a structure with read
and write function pointers:

struct mii_dev {
    struct list_head link;
    char *name;
    int (* read)(char *devname, unsigned char addr,
            unsigned char reg, unsigned short *value);
    int (* write)(char *devname, unsigned char addr,
            unsigned char reg, unsigned short value);

None of the implementations in the U-boot tree make
use of the 'char *devname' parameter, and I'd like to
change it to a more useful pointer.  Not knowing the
history of this code, I'm wary of unintended
consequences.  I'd obviously prefer to not break
anybody's out-of-tree code, but that can never be

If anyone has anecdotes or opinions, please let me
know.  Otherwise, I'll submit a patch within the next
few days.


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