[U-Boot-Users] Need some clarification on certain points

Deepak $ehrawat d.sehrawat at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 07:50:26 CET 2007

Hi all,

  I am new to U-boot. I am trying to port u-boot onto a propritery board
based on MPC8560.I have certain doubts regarding the u-boot's code ( i am
using latest version of U-boot) :-

1) File :-   cpu/mpc85xx/cpu_init.c
   function :- cpu_init_f()
   Doubt :- Why are we not filling the values of (memory mapped registers )
BR2 & OR2 if CONFIG_MPC85xx flag is defined ?

2) Has anybody used CFG_POST_ETHER , CFG_POST_CACHE flags for MPC8560 based
board ? ( as the post code for the same is not present in u-boot ). If yes,
then can you please send me the respective post files for the same ?

3) My board has 512KB of Boot Flash. After compiling the u-boot code, the
size of elf comes out to be 666234bytes ( as shown by "ls -l" command). Is
there any way i can make sure that the actual size of the elf is not more
than the size of boot flash ?

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