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> In message <11698248351613-git-send-email-timur at freescale.com> you
> wrote:
> > This patch moves the board configuration rules for 83xx, 85xx, and 86xx boards
> > into their own makefiles.  All 83xx boards are now configured in Makefile.83xx,
> > all 85xx boards are in Makefile.85xx, and all 86xx boards are in Makefile.86xx.
> > With separate maintainers for these families, this patch allows new boards 
> > to be added without having merge conflicts.
> I reject this patch. The Makefile may be long, but I rather have  all
> information in one place.
> Your patch does not simplify anything, instead  it  just  splits  the
> same information over multiple files. That's IMHO not an improvement.
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> Wolfgang Denk
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