[U-Boot-Users] Atmel DataFlash hooks.

Andreas Schweigstill andreas at schweigstill.de
Mon Jan 29 02:32:24 CET 2007


Wolfgang Denk schrieb:
>> There is something what I really don't like about U-Boot's current
>> Dataflash implementation: after copying data to Dataflash using the
>> "cp.b" command the source data has been corrupted; it has been swapped
>> with the old contents of the Dataflash. The reason for this behaviour
> Arghhh.. That is indeed a bug, then.

Oh, since lots of people here are using U-Boot on AT91RM9200 I thought
that such behaviour was a feature. The really big problems occur when
using imxtract command because the multi-file image will be corrupted.
Also verifying the Dataflash contents becomes quite difficult when the
source has been overwritten.

So I suggest that the AT91F_SpiWrite() function has to be modified,
e.g. with a new parameter which determines if the source has to be
overwritten. How many applications have been written which depend on
the strange cp.b behaviour? Should there be an environment variable?
Hmmm.... bad idea.

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Andreas Schweigstill

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