[U-Boot-Users] Atmel DataFlash hooks.

Ulf Samuelsson ulfs at atmel.com
Mon Jan 29 08:49:35 CET 2007

>>> Notes:
>>>    - assume device can only be opened once.  ie. it's a bug to call
>>> open() twice

I dont see why you should need to call any "open" routine
since the dataflash is active before u-boot has even started
and does not need any initialization sequence.

You load U-boot from the dataflash to the SDRAM
so any initialization needed by the dataflash is already
done before the first U-boot instruction is executed..

Thus you search for the dataflash at boot
if support is enabled and then initialize
the datastructures, and your done with it.

> I'm going to do a trial implementation of that stuff discussed so far
> so I can post patches for review.  At that point I'll be looking for
> feedback to decide if this is a direction worth pursuing further.  If
> so, then I'll take a look at the protect/erase/etc features

I don't think anything trivial should be merged.
It should be kept as a

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