[U-Boot-Users] Status of Cirrus EP9302 based ports

Dominic Rath Dominic.Rath at gmx.de
Mon Jun 4 22:32:52 CEST 2007

On Monday 04 June 2007 03:23:44 Bill Landolina wrote:
> Looking through the archives it appears that the EDB93xx ports never made
> it into the main distribution.
> Where should I be looking for a set of sources that do support the EP93xx
> series processors?
> Any links or tarballs would be appreciated.
> ...and if I've missed the search engines somewhere, what should I have
> searched for ;-)

I've used the existing patches posted to the linux-cirrus mailinglist to 
create a new patch for the Olimex CS-E9301 board.
Because the board was discontinued in favor of a CS-E9302 board soon after I 
wrote my patch, and because the majority of the patch was written by other 
people, I never submitted my changes to the u-boot mainline.

See this posting where I explained what my patch does different, and what 
sources I used as a base for my patch:

You can find the latest version of the patch at http://mmd.ath.cx/cs-e9301/
It applies fine to the current git version (with an offset of 139 lines on one 
hunk in Makefile).

Best regards,


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