[U-Boot-Users] "u-boot compile mystery"

Andreas Schweigstill andreas at schweigstill.de
Thu Mar 1 13:44:32 CET 2007


venkatesh chilapur schrieb:
> here i changed arch CROSS_COMPILE=arm-softfloat-linux-
> to armv5l-linux- because my toolchain has armv5l-linux-gcc....
> but when i ported the bin file...board is not getting booted...
> any reason why it is so...

It's the same reason why your board wouldn't boot if you set
CROSS_COMPILE to a M$ Visual Whatever compiler. ;-) It isn't sufficient
to use an arbitrary compiler which has something to do with ARM and
also understands GNU extensions.

Did you notice the "softfloat" in "arm-softfloat-linux-"?

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