[U-Boot-Users] ntohl and others

madcat at takaisin.fi madcat at takaisin.fi
Fri Mar 2 10:12:49 CET 2007


Now that the previous problem is solved, I have the new one. :)

I have integrated part of the program to u-boot that uses ntohl and
others when communicating to network. It seems that u-boot doesn't have
implementation for those functions. I tried to took the libc with the
u-boot, but the size of the u-boot doubled. I didn't even try if that
worked, because I had to make some changed to U-boot to get it link

I'm using ixp425 if that's any help. Should I take those functions from
libc or does the u-boot have that functionality, but I have missed it

I'm running the processor in big-endian mode so the dirty way would be
to hardcode those functions if nothing else comes up.

- Teemu K.

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