[U-Boot-Users] Extremely tiny footprint

Andreas Schweigstill andreas at schweigstill.de
Sat Mar 3 17:48:45 CET 2007

Dear Laurent!

Laurent Pinchart schrieb:
 >[...] not even the Abatron distributor.

You are talking to *sales people* when you have a technical problem???
Neither Abatron nor the BDI, JTAG, U-Boot or whatever is your problem...

I have to admit that I haven't worked with the BDI1000/2000 yet but I
know from many people that they use it very successfully.

 > I'm still trying to solve
> the issue, which involves sending hardware samples, NDAs, ...

Have you taken a look onto your JTAG signals? Are you using RTCK (on
ARM)? Have you configured it properly?

Have you configured the system and JTAG reset behaviour properly?

Did you know that an not properly terminated JTAG signals (especially
pull-up and pull-down resistors and reset connection) can cause LOTS of
problem in the field even when JTAG never seems to be used?

Do you use the same scan loop also for other devices on your board?
Are those devices' JTAG signals connected in parallel or correct serial
order? Did you configure such scan loop for your BDI?

And why don't you tell us which processor you are using?

>> The BDI2000 is perfectly scriptable with  expect,  so  what  are  you
>> missing?
> The ability to make it fit in the bed of nails. It would involve designing a 
> new mechanical test bed. We obviously can't integrate the BDI in the test bed 
> PCB.

You could use another JTAG debugger, probably a much smaller device like
the Rowley CrossConnect Light.

With best regards
Andreas Schweigstill

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