[U-Boot-Users] mpc8343 could not boot on u-boot-1.2.0

Fowley, Douglas G (GE Infra, Energy) Douglas.Fowley at ge.com
Sun Mar 4 16:35:44 CET 2007

> Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2007 15:55:37 -0800
> From: Dongying_Xu at us.alphanetworks.com
> Subject: Re: [U-Boot-Users] mpc8343 could not boot on u-boot-1.2.0
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> Hi All,
> I am working on mpc8343 (revision 1.1) where i am using uboot 
> as a boot 
> loader.  The u-boot 1.1.3 works well on this system.  
> Recently we upgrade 
> to u-boot-1.2.0.  The system could not boot under 
> u-boot-1.2.0. But when I 
> replace the u-boot-1.2.0/cpu/mpc83xx/start.S with 
> u-boot-1.1.3/cpu/mpc83xx/start.S, it works fine.  Anyone has any 
> suggestions? 
> Thanks in Advance
> Regards,
> dongy 

I have been unable to use unmodified U-Boot distros since 1.1.4
for our MPC8349e based systems.  I comment out the following
at line 306 in u-boot-1.2.0:cpu\mpc83xx\start.S,

	/* enable address translation */
	bl	enable_addr_trans

to get it to work.  Let me know if the same trick works for you.



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