[U-Boot-Users] arm SoC code in U-Boot.

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Mar 8 09:40:17 CET 2007

In message <918EB199DDDFFA42BEA2EB3A1C6021F301646DC3 at CORREO> you wrote:
> I'm afraid I'm quite a bit missing in this discussion. At last, where
> must I put the imx21 related code? In drivers/imx ? Or will the U-Boot
> structure be changed (the Soc related code will be spread over
> drivers/..)?. Must I wait? Must I do something about it?.

We agreed to have a directory structure like this:

> > > drivers/net/netarm_eth.*
> > > drivers/net/qe/*
> > > drivers/i2c/omap1510_i2c.*

Thinking about this again, there is still unneeded redundancy in the
names, and it would be better to have simple names like that:


So if you have a IMX serial driver that should go to 
and an ethernet driver to
and your I2C driver to

As a minimum, you should start this new directory structure  and  use
it  for  the  IMX  related  code (and leave the cleanup of the other,
already existing code in the  drivers/  directory  to  others).  Even
better,  you  would  include this restructuring of the existing code,

[And ideally, you would clean up all the U-Boot code, merge all  open
patches  and  fix  all  the  remaining  bugs as well. But I guess I'm
asking for too much :-) ]

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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